The holidays are almost upon us. Can you believe Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner? Before you get knee deep in holiday celebrations, here’s your latest update on Yahrah St. John news.

I hope everyone liked the new and improved Yahrah St. John website with its new logo, author images and more. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the site yet, go to http://yahrahnew.enjoyyourwebsite.com/.

Have you heard about Periscope the latest crave in social media? You can see your favorite celebrity or everyman in real time doing real activities. I learned about it this month and am excited to share that I’m now on Periscope! Be sure and download the app on your smart device or Android and Follow me @YahrahStJohn.

You didn’t hear from me last month because I was putting the finishing touches on the long awaited sequel to 2012’s Dirty Laundry: Can’t Get Enough. I finally have a release date for you: November 1, 2015!!

I have to tell you it was a blast catching up with these bold, fun-loving and exciting characters. I think you’ll enjoy finding out how they’ve fared since you last read about them. Skye is just as sassy as ever, Layla is just as screwed up as ever about what man to choose, while Chanel finds her happy ending and well Reese…Hmmm…I can’t tell you about her. You’ll have to read the book to find out.

I have the best team behind me to help me plan a book release and book trailers, so follow me on my social media for more details.

My next Kimani romance Cappuccino Kisses may be a long way away, the date has been pushed back to June 2016, but never you fear, I’ll be providing you a First Look at the final cover in the coming months. Fans will eager to see how the spinoff of my 2013 Drayson’s Sprinkled with Love series continues.

I’ve just started diving into my next writing project. The Hart Sisters is my next series and a spinoff from the Harts of Arizona series. Chasing Hearts will tell go-getter Bree Hart’s love story with broody Grayson Manning. You might remembered Bree, she was the no-nonsense oil executive introduced in Caleb’s book: Restless Hearts. Bree is a real fire-cracker and will give Grayson a run for his money.

Best Wishes,

Yahrah St. John