I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer thus far. Personally, I’ve had an eventful several months. Major shift on my day job. Sold a house. Moved. Building a new house. Needless to say, all of the life changes have made for a quiet six months on the book front. It happens. There are ebbs and flows with not only my writing, but my publisher’s schedule.

As you all know, with Kimani Romance shutting down, I’m writing for Harlequin Desire and they had to fit me into their 2019 schedule. Despite working full-time, I’m good with deadlines, so I’m excited to say I have four books coming up on the remainder of the 2019/2020 Desire schedule.

His Marriage Demand, Book 2 in The Stewart Heirs series will be released on August 1st. This book will focus on Fallon Stewart, the only daughter of Henry Stewart.

Talented CEO, FALLON STEWART is in need of a bail out for her family’s company Stewart Technologies. After failing to secure financial assistance from her brother Ayden Stewart, black sheep of the family, Fallon is desperate to save her father’s legacy. Former housekeeper’s son GAGE CAMPBELL, once idolized Fallon, but she not only scorned his advances, but inadvertently caused his mother to lose her job with the Stewart family. Now Gage has worked his way up from his unremarkable start in life to become a wealthy financier. After exhausting all her options, Gage is Fallon’s last viable choice, but will he help her after she betrayed him in their youth?



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Book 3, Dane Stewart’s story, Red Carpet Redemption debuts on December 1st. I ripped my idea straight from the headlines and current trends. I don’t have the cover to share just yet because it’s still in development, but here’s a teaser of the story.

Famous Hollywood actor DANE STEWART has been labeled the Sexiest Man Alive. He’s the devilish rake that every woman adores and would love to go to bed with, but he’s got bigger fish to fry. Dane is embroiled in a media scandal when it’s revealed he fathered a baby. Yes, a baby! Early on in his career, Dane made a one-time sperm donation to make a fast buck. Dane is shocked to learn he has a seven-year-old son, JAYDEN TURNER, but he wants to get to know him. As for his son’s mother, IRIS TURNER – Dane finds the single-mom attractive and the feeling is mutual. The chemistry between them is red-hot and soon Dane is giving her the full-court press seduction. Does America’s favorite heartthrob want Iris just for their son? Or do they have something more worth building on?

Dane’s book was originally supposed to be the last book in The Stewart Heirs’ trilogy, but an idea sprang from Dane’s book that took root. Harlequin liked the idea, so a final Stewart Heirs book will come out in May 2020. I’m writing the book now so I can’t give away any details yet. More to follow.

I’m also excited to be part of a new continuity with talented Desire authors Naima Simone, Karen Booth, Joss Wood, Jules Bennett, Cat Schield and Janice Maynard. The new series is titled The Seven Sins. My book in the series will be released in July 2020. Here’s a snippet of the concept:

For many years, prominent families entrusted Black Crescent Hedge Fund to turn millions into billions. Black Crescent was an elite, boutique business that took on only a small number of clients at a time. It was wildly successful… until the money vanished along with the founder. Ten families lost their wealth in one fell swoop, forever altering the lives of everyone involved. Especially the teens affected. Each of them coped through pride, or avoidance, or lust—but the crutches that helped them as young adults have now become sins, stopping them from finding happiness. On the way to redemption, they find love.

Now you’re up to date in the world of YSJ. If you missed the first book in The Stewart Heirs series, you can still order your copy of AT THE CEO’s PLEASURE today on Amazon: Or Barnes & Noble:

Ciao for now