Happy Spring Everyone,

I hope spring showers bring you May flowers because it sure will for me.

First up, I will be heading to Little Rock, AR for Romance Slam Jam on April 12-15th. Romance Slam Jam is the largest conference of African American romance writers and readers. We’ll be attending workshops, reader sessions, and the famous Emma Awards. I will be participating in a panel discussion on writing Sequels, Series and Scenes as well as hosting an Intimate Reader Session with my fans who want to know how I write those steamy, romance novels they can’t get enough of.

As mentioned previously, I was nominated for an RT Book Reviews award for my January 2011 release TWO TO TANGO. The winners of the award will be handed out on April 14th at the RT Book Convention in Chicago. Since I’m not there in person, I will have to keep you posted if I win. If I don’t, it’s an honor just to have been nominated.

On April 17th online and May 1st in bookstores, my 10th book and the second book in the trilogy LOST WITHOUT YOU will debut. VP Shane Adams’ story swirls with blackmail and intrigue surrounding his family’s business, Adams Cosmetics. The book also has a classic make-over love story involving his former nemesis Gabrielle Burton. I’m super excited to reach this milestone and have a special party planned for family and close friends in May. For readers, please be sure and visit my website http://yahrahnew.enjoyyourwebsite.com for information on the Lost Without You contest and local book signings in the area.

On August 21st online and September 1st in bookstores, the third and final installment of the trilogy FORMULA FOR PASSION will be released. Courtney Adams falls for her family’s arch-enemies’ son, hotelier Jasper Jackson. I can’t wait for the final edition of the book cover so I can post it on my website and Facebook. Stay tuned.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of my 9th book and the first book in the “An Adams Affair