Greetings Readers,

Before you escape on vacation or head to the beach for some summer rays, here’s an update from the world of Yahrah St John.

I enjoyed a great 7-day cruise on Royal Caribbean to the Eastern Caribbean in April. I visited Coco-Cay Bahamas, St. Maarten and St. Thomas. For those of you who’ve been longtime fans, you know I’m adventure girl, so of course I had to try something adventurous on this trip. The highlight were: 1) Surfing onboard on the ship and promptly wiping out. 2) Rock-climbing – I made it to the half-way point rang the bell and gave up the ghost. 3) ATV through the streets of St. Maarten with my boyfriend and visiting a nude beach on the French side of the island. No good deed goes unpunished and when I returned from my vacation, a book I’d yet to start (but is due June 30th to my editor) was waiting for me…

Book News

I’m super excited that my 19th effort Heat Wave of Desire was officially released June 1st in all mediums (e-book, print online and in-stores). Before you rush off and download your copy or head to your nearest Walmart or Target, here’s a brief summary:

Hotel general manager, Kimberly Parker transforms her family’s hotel to an exclusive A-list retreat leaving no time for romance, but the hotel’s enigmatic guest Jaxon Dunham sweeps Kimberly into a taboo affair. Faced with sabotage and scandalous headlines, will they face it together or walk away from a promising love?

Heat Wave of Desire is part of Kimani’s California Desert Dream summer series. If you’d like to know what happens to Kimberly’s friends Gabrielle and Robyn, you’ll have to pick up the 2nd book: Lisa Marie Perry’s Hot Summer Nights on July 1st and Pamela Yaye’s Heat Wave of Passion on August 1st.

If you’re a visual person, be sure and check out my website on Friday June 5th when I’ll release the book trailer for Heat Wave of Desire.

And if that’s not enough, you know I always offer giveaways. In honor of Heat Wave of Desire’s release, answer 5 questions about the book correctly by June 30th and you’ll be entered into a contest to win a $100 gift card. Check out my website for details:

In case you’re a new Yahrah St. John fan and haven’t had the chance to enjoy the Harts of Arizona series, all four (4) books are now available in a box set. That’s right folks, Entangled Hearts Volume I & II, Untamed Hearts and Restless Hearts have been packaged together for your reading pleasure in an affordable $10 box set.

Don’t remember what each book is about? Check out the exciting book trailer on the homepage of my website: NOW!

What else have I been up to? As I mentioned previously, I have a book due to my Kimani editor by June 30th, so I’ve been knee deep, in what else? Writing. I’m happy to report that my first draft of Cappuccino Kisses, an expansion on THE DRAYSONS; SPRINKLED WITH LOVE series, is complete. Whew! What a relief. For the next month, I’ll be crafting this story into a great book. But you’ll have to wait for it.

Cappuccino Kisses will be released in April 2016, followed by Love and a Latte by Jamie Pope and finishing with my new author BFF Pamela Yaye’s Mocha Pleasures. This my second series with Pamela and working with her has been a blast. More details to follow.

Next up, I’ll finally get back to my chicklit sequel Dirty Laundry: Can’t Get Enough. I’m finally ready to put pen to paper and finish this book for a late summer release. So I must depart and get back to what I do best: Write.

Until the next edition,

Yahrah St John

p.s. To all my fans – Thank you for making the re-release of my 3rd book Never Say Never such a smash in sales. You’re simply best!