Its springtime and love is blooming in the air.

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I enjoyed a quick trip to Dallas, Texas in March for the 20th Anniversary of Romance Slam Jam. If you don’t know what it is, Romance Slam Jam aka RSJ, it the only conference for African American romance writers and readers. RSJ allows writers to interact with their fans, readers a chance to meet authors in person whose writing they can’t get enough of & aspiring authors the chance to pitch their books to publishing houses. RSJ holds a special place in my heart because 12 years ago, I pitched by book at RSJ and 3 months later had a book deal. I am forever grateful for RSJ and the hardworking book clubs that put it on each and every year.

Book News:

The re-release of my 3rd book Never Say Never occurred on April 1st. Sales are brisk, so fans must love the new cover and additional scenes for Sabrina and Malcolm’s peachy romance in Savannah, Georgia.

What’s coming next? The first book in the California Desert Dreams and my latest Kimani Romance: Heat Wave of Desire debuts on June 1st. The story revolves around the Parker family’s Belleza Resort and the quest of three beautiful and successful women to stave off sabotage as the each fall in love.

Heat Wave of Desire is Kimberly Parker’s story. When she encounters mysterious guest Jaxon Dunham, the headstrong General Manager finds herself falling hard for the elusive bachelor. Can they overcome his past commitment issues to find love? Find out this June.

The 2nd book: Lisa Marie Perry’s Hot Summer Nights will be released July 1st and tell feisty Gabrielle and Geoffrey’s romance. The series will conclude with Robyn and Sean’s secret affair in Pamela Yaye’s Heat Wave of Passion on August 1st. The ladies and I are planning a virtual tour and book trailer for the series, so stay tuned for more details as we approach summer.

Currently, I’m writing Cappuccino Kisses, an expansion on THE DRAYSONS; SPRINKLED WITH LOVE series which is due to my editor on June 30th. I don’t have much time left to finish it, but I rarely miss a deadline, so I’ll make it happen. Since my book: Delicious Destiny concluded the series in 2013, it’s been fun catching up with the previous characters while introducing the Seattle Draysons: Mariah, Chase and Jackson. Cappuccino Kisses will be released in April 2016.

Here’s a short snippet of the book’s premise: Mariah Drayson thinks she is finished with love and marriage. She plans to drown her sorrows in double fudge cupcakes and lattes for the rest of her life. But when she meets handsome widower Everett Myers and his adorable child, she begins having second thoughts….

I’ve put my chicklit sequel Dirty Laundry: Can’t Get Enough on the shelf temporarily, but I will pick up the pen in the summer. Deadlines beckon.

It’s hard writing and working full-time, but I’ll do my best to bring you more great romances and stories to come. Right now, I’m off for a much needed 7-day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean (St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Bahamas). When I get back, I promise to buckle down. Otherwise, I’ll be receiving your emails asking for new books. Rest assured, I haven’t forgotten you. How could I? My fans are the best.


Yahrah St. John